Fly with kids

How to Safely Fly With a Child

All over the world more and more moms travel with toddlers and even babies. In the US and Europe, this trend is a far cry from new. The bravest take almost a month old son or daughter on a long flight to Asia.  Also, many people from Ukraine take tickets to kiev from new york when traveling with his children 

On the Internet, not for the first year, there have been active discussions and whole “mom” forums of “pros” and “cons.” We decided to analyze all the recommendations and personal experience of our acquaintance mother travelers. The most important for them is to fly with the husband or any family member, who will look after the child, if the woman goes to the lavatory, help with the stroller and luggage, and just replace her during a long flight. But if you have to travel alone, you should listen to time-tested tips.

Here some recommendations on this issue:

  • Make online check-in as early as possible. So you can choose the best seats on board.
  • Avoid weekends. The fewer people are on the flight, the more likely that your baby will be able to get a separate seat even without buying it. In the season of holidays it is not easy to find a low crowded flight, but be aware that Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are less popular days for departures.
  • Fly in the morning. This very time children are traditionally in a better mood, which means they are calmer which your neighbours will appreciate.
  • Choose bright clothes for toddlers.  It will be easier for you to spot them constantly.
  • Do not hesitate to ask. Ask the staff at registration, if possible for a seat near an aisle if there is no option of online check-in. Offer with a smile to your neighbour to change places with you. Ask the flight attendant to warm up the water for baby food. You will be surprised at the amazing fact how many people are willing to help travellers with children.
  • Use facilities for babies. Almost every airport has a children’s room, a space for feeding and swaddling. On long flights, there are lavatories equipped for changing a diaper. On board there may be children’s books, albums and pencils. Just make sure you are aware of all free options.

In order for your infant to feel well during the flight, you need to meet all its needs. The baby should be fed, not scared, bored or uncomfortable. Here is a list what you may need:

  • Garments. Clothing should be light, comfortable, without rubbing stitches. Shoes should be easily removed. You may take warm socks or tiny slippers. The airplane space can be cold, so small blanket is a must. Take a change set of clothes for a child and additional T-shirt for yourself.
  • Food. Many airlines offer a children’s menu: it should be ordered when buying tickets. But we recommend you still take fruits and cookies.
  • Toys. Take with you favourite doll or teddy bear to play during the flight.

So follow these tips and enjoy your flight.