Fly to Lviv

Five Reasons to Enjoy a Direct Flight from New York to Lviv

New York with its eight million people easily attracts numerous travelers from all over the world. Some arrive with business purposes, others – to sea art venues and architecture. New York has something to show everyone and it’s natural that many people finally find a home there. It’s like a love from the first sight. The bright metropolis is just impossible to not enjoy.

It’s not a secret at all that this very place is home to numerous representatives of Ukrainian diaspora. People from nearby also find it comfortable to visit NY. Of course, they are very happy about new york to lviv flight without any transfers.

Here are top 5 reasons to fly directly from New York to Lviv:

  • To visit relatives and friends, to attend business meetings and conduct negotiations in the Western Ukraine. To discover new markets in the region and found the best talented workforce.
  • To see this cultural gem. Lviv is a beautiful regional center, the most gorgeous city of  this part of newly independent Ukraine. And truly a European one. Its architecture absorbed the best traditions of different European countries. And the way of life and thoughts of local people is very modern and appealing. Hope you will appreciate old center, Opera House and the Italian courtyard, the numerous churches and the House of Legends cafe.
  • To eat magnificent food. You will be impressed how many coffee houses and restaurants are located there. The menu is almost similar as in Viennese, Milanese, Warsaw venues, with an accent on famous local chocolate and coffee. Almost all spots have their own theme in design and dishes. There are a lot of specialties with meat and delicious local food.
  • Relatability. With more than 25 years of international operations, UIA is one of the oldest and most successful commercial airlines in the post-Soviet space. No doubt, you will enjoy service and comfort during the flight.
  • Destination airport. This is definitely a gate to the Western area of Ukraine. It’s just 6 km to the south-west of the city center with a number of options for transfer. It has a new terminal which proved his superb facilities in time of Euro-2012. All the services are on the same level with the best world airports. Why not consider it to be a hub on your route to Vienna or Batumi? There you will find a lot of catering options, cozy lounge zones, discover amazing perks for passengers with a certain type and class of the credit card.

Hope you are full of an enthusiasm and ready to see and test everything on your own. Just go ahead!