Flight delay

What To Do If Your Flight is Delayed?

Departures from the world airports are regulated by the national laws, regardless of the carrier.

In general, an airline is not liable to its clients for the delay in the cases as follows:

  • Natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, fires and so on). And this rule applies to natural phenomena both at the point of departure and at the place of arrival.
  • Rapid changes in public life (military operations, epidemics) that affect the safety of flights in question.
  • National or sectoral strikes.
  • State restrictions of flights for crucial reasons.
  • If the delay is connected to technical issues with a plane that could endanger the life and health of passengers.

Any company is interested in its high reputation. Do not worry, anyway you will be offered extra options. Here some typical ones, study them carefully.

Surprise At The Airport

You came to the airport and saw on the board information that will disappoint you for sure. What to do? Contact the airline staff in a uniform at the counter. If you are in a hurry, probably you can be offered an alternative flight in a couple of hours.

In the case of new variant, you need to decide quickly, since this option will be considered by other passengers of the route. If you agree to wait for the boarding, take advantage of all the perks envisaged for the travelers in this case.

Read about the most common options:

If the wait takes more than 2 hours, you can get:

  • room for mother and child, which is provided for one passenger with an infant or a toddler;
  • cold drinks, namely water.

If you still wait after 4 hours, you may also enjoy free hot meals every 6 hours in the afternoon and every 8 hours at night.

If a period between the initial and next flights makes up more than 8 hours a daytime or 6 hours at night, you are entitled to:

  • free hotel accommodation;
  • transfer to the hotel and back in cases the night place is provided without charging an additional fee;
  • free luggage storage.

Do not forget to put a mark on the ticket stating that the flight was delayed: this will help you to receive compensation in the future if needed. It is set by the airline representative who registered you for the flight, and if you have already passed passport control, you will find a representative next to the gate reserved for your airplane.

Cancellation in Advance

Be ready to this point too. Don’t panic. First of all, the airline will inform you about alternative flight, and it can be carried out by both your original carrier and the third-party. In fact, it can be other dates or with connections.

If the change does not suit you, you can get the money for the ticket back in full.

If you had an indirect flight and understand you fail to fly from the departure city along the route, then the trip becomes impossible, and your airline will refund your ticket.

As you see, such a situation will not become a disaster at all. Relax and take it easy. Hope a new interesting book will always be with you to make the time really fly.