Airport security

Rules of Going Through Security Check at the Airport

The first “must” is to arrive at the airport on time – as early as 3-2 hours before departure, especially if this is an international flight at the world hub. By this step you will avoid creating troubles to other passengers, because you will pass all procedures calmly. Believe us, everyone is also in a hurry, and other people have no reason to let you go ahead, unless you are late for serious grounds. But even in this case there is a good way out – to pay for an urgent service, out of line.

Here are some tips on how to start your trip in a good mood and without unpleasant surprises:

  • Familiarize yourself in advance with a list of items that cannot be carried in luggage and hand bag. Among absolute taboos are weapon, explosives, gases and flammable liquids, radioactive, poisonous and corrosive substances. But there are incidents with “peaceful” things, for example, with a large number of identical items, which leads the customs service to suspect smuggling.
  • Be sure what volume of liquids you may take in the luggage and carry-on is in according with a provision. If it is stipulated that you can take no more than 100 ml into the boarding area and on board, please follow the instructions. However this does not apply to any bottles purchased in local duty free.
  •  In order to check prohibited items on board, your entire belongings and some garments are passed through the scanner. Passengers are asked to go through a metal detector – it reacts to any metallic elements. Therefore, being at home or a hotel make sure that you do not have any metallic items, otherwise the device will react and you will be examined again. It happens that the “ringing” starts after spotting the usual metal braces in the bras, and some passengers are indignant that they are detained on examination. But is not it easier to avoid the situation and put on something that will be not detected?
  • Do not quarrel with aviation security officers. Think about what they are dealing with every day! In addition, they have to communicate with thousands of people through the X-ray, conduct a personal inspection; they have to repeat 1000 times that the laptop should be placed in a separate tray. Not to mention the fact that someone is too lazy to push his bag over the running line, someone just sticks all the time in the phone, and then he is surprised that he needs to take off his shoes. In fact, they are not severe and there is no sense to be offended by a “rude” agent who simply does his job.

All this should be taken for granted, as well as the major rule: do not argue with a flight attendant.