Five Reasons to Enjoy a Direct Flight from New York to Lviv

New York with its eight million people easily attracts numerous travelers from all over the world. Some arrive with business purposes, others – to sea art venues and architecture. New York has something to show everyone and it’s natural that many people finally find a home there. It’s like a love from the first sight. The bright metropolis is just impossible to not enjoy.

It’s not a secret at all that this very place is home to numerous representatives of Ukrainian diaspora. People from nearby also find it comfortable to visit NY. Of course, they are very happy about new york to lviv flight without any transfers.

Here are top 5 reasons to fly directly from New York to Lviv:

  • To visit relatives and friends, to attend business meetings and conduct negotiations in the Western Ukraine. To discover new markets in the region and found the best talented workforce.
  • To see this cultural gem. Lviv is a beautiful regional center, the most gorgeous city of  this part of newly independent Ukraine. And truly a European one. Its architecture absorbed the best traditions of different European countries. And the way of life and thoughts of local people is very modern and appealing. Hope you will appreciate old center, Opera House and the Italian courtyard, the numerous churches and the House of Legends cafe.
  • To eat magnificent food. You will be impressed how many coffee houses and restaurants are located there. The menu is almost similar as in Viennese, Milanese, Warsaw venues, with an accent on famous local chocolate and coffee. Almost all spots have their own theme in design and dishes. There are a lot of specialties with meat and delicious local food.
  • Relatability. With more than 25 years of international operations, UIA is one of the oldest and most successful commercial airlines in the post-Soviet space. No doubt, you will enjoy service and comfort during the flight.
  • Destination airport. This is definitely a gate to the Western area of Ukraine. It’s just 6 km to the south-west of the city center with a number of options for transfer. It has a new terminal which proved his superb facilities in time of Euro-2012. All the services are on the same level with the best world airports. Why not consider it to be a hub on your route to Vienna or Batumi? There you will find a lot of catering options, cozy lounge zones, discover amazing perks for passengers with a certain type and class of the credit card.

Hope you are full of an enthusiasm and ready to see and test everything on your own. Just go ahead!

How to Correctly Read the Air Ticket?

Having looked for the first time on the international air ticket, it is possible to get confused with a lot of incomprehensible symbols, digital codes and abbreviations. As we know, railway as well as bus travel documents are usually very easy to interpret, while air tickets contain a lot of signs obscure for many people. Nevertheless, these tickets for flight are issued in accordance with uniform standards so that the document of any carrier can be accurately interpreted by employees of other airlines and all related services.

In fact, the rules of the IATA professional association prescribe fully comprehensive coding, no matter where on the planet you are located. For this reason, each airplane ticket contains complete information about:

  • all the nuances of the trip on board,
  • the route,
  • the calculation of the tariff,
  • and the limits inherent in this airfreight tariff.

Nowadays there are three variants of paper ticket being used all over the world and e-ticket that doesn’t even need to be printed.  

Let’s decode the most “mysterious” records:

  • “Carrier” is a field for indicating the specific airline, and by international standards the name is affixed using the code of the relevant company.
  • “Flight” is an item for indicating the flight number.
  • “Class” means a section in the plane where the passenger will have a sit. Certain Latin letters go for the first class or business class and the economy class. Search in the net for more specific explanation.
  • “Farebasis” – a field for specifying the fare on which the ticket was purchased.
  • “Farecalculation” – here we calculate the cost of the ticket. “Fare” means the currency of the country in which the ticket was purchased.
  • “Total” line, as you guess, means how much you paid for this flight.

Then follows the service information:

– cash means “payment in cash”;

– invoice, or INV – is “payment by bank transfer”;

– CC – means that payment is made by credit card (online payments). 

  • “Origin / Destination” – a field where the code for the entire route is indicated.
  • “Endorsements / Restrictions” stipulates if you can enjoy services of another air company or not.
  • “RES CHG USD50” is an inscription meaning that all corrections to the ticket can be made upon payment of a penalty (its size is $ 50).

In addition to all of the above, there may be other entries, but even if you do not understand all the marks, do not worry – the airline staff will help to figure it out.

Rules of Going Through Security Check at the Airport

The first “must” is to arrive at the airport on time – as early as 3-2 hours before departure, especially if this is an international flight at the world hub. By this step you will avoid creating troubles to other passengers, because you will pass all procedures calmly. Believe us, everyone is also in a hurry, and other people have no reason to let you go ahead, unless you are late for serious grounds. But even in this case there is a good way out – to pay for an urgent service, out of line.

Here are some tips on how to start your trip in a good mood and without unpleasant surprises:

  • Familiarize yourself in advance with a list of items that cannot be carried in luggage and hand bag. Among absolute taboos are weapon, explosives, gases and flammable liquids, radioactive, poisonous and corrosive substances. But there are incidents with “peaceful” things, for example, with a large number of identical items, which leads the customs service to suspect smuggling.
  • Be sure what volume of liquids you may take in the luggage and carry-on is in according with a provision. If it is stipulated that you can take no more than 100 ml into the boarding area and on board, please follow the instructions. However this does not apply to any bottles purchased in local duty free.
  •  In order to check prohibited items on board, your entire belongings and some garments are passed through the scanner. Passengers are asked to go through a metal detector – it reacts to any metallic elements. Therefore, being at home or a hotel make sure that you do not have any metallic items, otherwise the device will react and you will be examined again. It happens that the “ringing” starts after spotting the usual metal braces in the bras, and some passengers are indignant that they are detained on examination. But is not it easier to avoid the situation and put on something that will be not detected?
  • Do not quarrel with aviation security officers. Think about what they are dealing with every day! In addition, they have to communicate with thousands of people through the X-ray, conduct a personal inspection; they have to repeat 1000 times that the laptop should be placed in a separate tray. Not to mention the fact that someone is too lazy to push his bag over the running line, someone just sticks all the time in the phone, and then he is surprised that he needs to take off his shoes. In fact, they are not severe and there is no sense to be offended by a “rude” agent who simply does his job.

All this should be taken for granted, as well as the major rule: do not argue with a flight attendant.

How to Safely Fly With a Child

All over the world more and more moms travel with toddlers and even babies. In the US and Europe, this trend is a far cry from new. The bravest take almost a month old son or daughter on a long flight to Asia.  Also, many people from Ukraine take tickets to kiev from new york when traveling with his children 

On the Internet, not for the first year, there have been active discussions and whole “mom” forums of “pros” and “cons.” We decided to analyze all the recommendations and personal experience of our acquaintance mother travelers. The most important for them is to fly with the husband or any family member, who will look after the child, if the woman goes to the lavatory, help with the stroller and luggage, and just replace her during a long flight. But if you have to travel alone, you should listen to time-tested tips.

Here some recommendations on this issue:

  • Make online check-in as early as possible. So you can choose the best seats on board.
  • Avoid weekends. The fewer people are on the flight, the more likely that your baby will be able to get a separate seat even without buying it. In the season of holidays it is not easy to find a low crowded flight, but be aware that Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are less popular days for departures.
  • Fly in the morning. This very time children are traditionally in a better mood, which means they are calmer which your neighbours will appreciate.
  • Choose bright clothes for toddlers.  It will be easier for you to spot them constantly.
  • Do not hesitate to ask. Ask the staff at registration, if possible for a seat near an aisle if there is no option of online check-in. Offer with a smile to your neighbour to change places with you. Ask the flight attendant to warm up the water for baby food. You will be surprised at the amazing fact how many people are willing to help travellers with children.
  • Use facilities for babies. Almost every airport has a children’s room, a space for feeding and swaddling. On long flights, there are lavatories equipped for changing a diaper. On board there may be children’s books, albums and pencils. Just make sure you are aware of all free options.

In order for your infant to feel well during the flight, you need to meet all its needs. The baby should be fed, not scared, bored or uncomfortable. Here is a list what you may need:

  • Garments. Clothing should be light, comfortable, without rubbing stitches. Shoes should be easily removed. You may take warm socks or tiny slippers. The airplane space can be cold, so small blanket is a must. Take a change set of clothes for a child and additional T-shirt for yourself.
  • Food. Many airlines offer a children’s menu: it should be ordered when buying tickets. But we recommend you still take fruits and cookies.
  • Toys. Take with you favourite doll or teddy bear to play during the flight.

So follow these tips and enjoy your flight.

What To Do If Your Flight is Delayed?

Departures from the world airports are regulated by the national laws, regardless of the carrier.

In general, an airline is not liable to its clients for the delay in the cases as follows:

  • Natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, fires and so on). And this rule applies to natural phenomena both at the point of departure and at the place of arrival.
  • Rapid changes in public life (military operations, epidemics) that affect the safety of flights in question.
  • National or sectoral strikes.
  • State restrictions of flights for crucial reasons.
  • If the delay is connected to technical issues with a plane that could endanger the life and health of passengers.

Any company is interested in its high reputation. Do not worry, anyway you will be offered extra options. Here some typical ones, study them carefully.

Surprise At The Airport

You came to the airport and saw on the board information that will disappoint you for sure. What to do? Contact the airline staff in a uniform at the counter. If you are in a hurry, probably you can be offered an alternative flight in a couple of hours.

In the case of new variant, you need to decide quickly, since this option will be considered by other passengers of the route. If you agree to wait for the boarding, take advantage of all the perks envisaged for the travelers in this case.

Read about the most common options:

If the wait takes more than 2 hours, you can get:

  • room for mother and child, which is provided for one passenger with an infant or a toddler;
  • cold drinks, namely water.

If you still wait after 4 hours, you may also enjoy free hot meals every 6 hours in the afternoon and every 8 hours at night.

If a period between the initial and next flights makes up more than 8 hours a daytime or 6 hours at night, you are entitled to:

  • free hotel accommodation;
  • transfer to the hotel and back in cases the night place is provided without charging an additional fee;
  • free luggage storage.

Do not forget to put a mark on the ticket stating that the flight was delayed: this will help you to receive compensation in the future if needed. It is set by the airline representative who registered you for the flight, and if you have already passed passport control, you will find a representative next to the gate reserved for your airplane.

Cancellation in Advance

Be ready to this point too. Don’t panic. First of all, the airline will inform you about alternative flight, and it can be carried out by both your original carrier and the third-party. In fact, it can be other dates or with connections.

If the change does not suit you, you can get the money for the ticket back in full.

If you had an indirect flight and understand you fail to fly from the departure city along the route, then the trip becomes impossible, and your airline will refund your ticket.

As you see, such a situation will not become a disaster at all. Relax and take it easy. Hope a new interesting book will always be with you to make the time really fly.